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Support Medical Services with Entertainment !

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Why doing "Like the BEST!" ?

  • Providing opportunity to see variety of amazing performance, not only performers and artists, but also many of those who are professional skilled workers, anyone who has incredible talent

  • Encouraging and stimulating performers and artists who are staying home by providing prize

  • Supporting medical workers at the forefront of medical services for COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

What is "Like the BEST!"?

"Like the BEST!" is online video performance video contest of all genres!

The prize to winner is 1 million Japanese yen! ($9,280 USD as of April 17th, 2020)

This time, ”Like the BEST!" is raising donation to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) medical fund.

ANY GENRE is welcome!  Singing, dance, musical performance, magic, impersonation, comedy, circus act, beatbox, DJ play, pantomime, puppet play, martial arts, acting, any kinds of performing arts!    In addition, video that conveys the process of professional skill, art work and craftsmanship such as sculpture, drawing, fast and precise work in manufacture, scientific experiment, etc.   ANYTHING that you can show your skill or idea is welcome, too!

Since the world is in great danger of COVID-19, applicants those who are in high-risk area are required to apply for videos taken at home, outdoor with no one around, rental studio that worls well in sanitization management, etc., where to avoid the risk of transmission of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). You can also submit a video from your past performances!

Judgement is determined by viewers' vote!  

Simple is the best!  Whoever gets most "like" from viewers will be crowned as winner!

I'm Japanese and majority of my network is Japanese, so probably main market would be Japan, but ANYONE in the world is very welcome!! and please share and recommend to your friends so that it'll be more world-wide and bigger! :)

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Preliminary Group  Around 8 contestants each

Block May

A. May 9th   B. May 16th    C. May 23rd    D. May 30th

Block June

E. June 6th   F. June 13th   G. June 20th   H. June 27th  


Semi-Final Top two contestants of each group

July 4th    Block May

July 11th   Block June


July 18th    The result of June Block & introducing submitted videos which were unqualified to preliminary groups

Final  Top 3 contestants from semi-finals

July 25th  ​

Aug 1st  Recap of Like the BEST! and announce the winner

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Project Design Online 01.jpg

Nice to meet everyone!   I am Kenichi Ebina, the producer of "Like the BEST!".


While the spread of COVID-19 (Coronacirus) is currently a global threat.   So many live events and shows are cancelled or postponed and we don't know when we can have them back yet, but I guess it'll take long time.    I am a performer myself and I've lost all my bookings since the second half of February and I've been staying at home.    In such a situation, I've been thinking about what I can do with entertainment, and decided to produce an online competition to support mdical workers by entertainment and art.


I'm dissapointed by the situation now of course,  but I think it's a good opportunity to do something new because I have a lot of time at home whether good or bad. (too much time though, haha!)   I'm having fun to learn new stuff :)

The theme is:

"Support the medical services together with the power of entertainment and art!"


In this project, I have established a fund that people from all over the world can participate and support the medical activities for fighting COVID-19 on a global scale.    I hope that with POWER of " Entertainment & Art" by participants and POWER of "Having Fun" by viewers will become a great support for medical workers at the front line who are fighting against COVID-19!!

Also I'm providing a winning prize of 1 million Japanese yen (Approximately $9,280 USD).
I hope that this would be a motivation for applicants.    More and higher level of participants join here, more viewers will enjoy and its synergy might lead to gathering greater support!

Since this is my personal project, you might be worried that your donation might be used  for production and operation expense, prize money or my personal profit.   But don't worry!  I promise you to make sure to send entire donation to medical organizations.    I will of course report donation clearly later.


My desire is to gather donation more than the prize money!   If the amount of raised donation end up with less than the prize money,  you might say that I simply should've donated 1 million JPY.  By all means,  please support the fund and  enjoy being participated in "Like the BEST!" !   Thank you!


Beating COVID-19 is still long way to achieve, but let's enjoy "Like the BEST!" together and overcome this difficulty!



Wish the best and peace,



Kenichi Ebina (EBIKEN)



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