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For Applicants

Application is now CLOSED 
Thank you for all submissions!!

Rules of submission

In case of filming new video for this video

  • In countries and areas with high risk of COVID-19 (coronavirus) infection, please film at places with low risk of infection such as home,  park with no people around, or rental studio, etc. 

  • For group such as chorus, orchestra, band, dance, etc., using video conference application such as ZOOM is accepted

In case of submitting existing videos from past performance

  • Submit information of date, time and location information 

  • You need permission from all members to apply

Conditions for all video

  • 1-3 minutes straight through performance video

  • ​Digest / trailer / sizzle reel (cutting middle scene out) are NOT accepted  

  • It is fine to perform (interact) with CG / pre-edited video in a performance by using projector screen.   However, it is NOT accepted to do trick art-like editing using CG or AR composition, cut splitting on the performance video after shooting

  • Editing multiple pre-filmed videos together is accepted in case it's necessary as creative idea such as solo performer's double/multiple character roles

  • Time-lapse video (fast-forwarded video )is accepted in case of long performance over 3 minutes.  
    (Examples: Crafts, paintings, art works such as makeup, craftsmanship, specific skill demonstration, etc.)

  • Since it will be uploaded on YouTube, make sure that your audio  (songs / music / sounds) will not be be   block or mute if you're using copyrighted tracks.
    (If you are not sure about copyright of audio tracks in your performance, please upload it on your YouTube channel if you have account, and make sure it does not get blocked or muted.    No problem in case you get claimed, but just advertisement will be added and revenue  will be paid to copyright holder.  Also there are various copyright-free music library sites.  Example: YouTube audio library   

  • There are 3 rounds to win; Preliminary round, Semi-Finals and Final.   If you proceed, total of 3 videos are required.  Basically all different performance videos are strongly recommended.   However, no problem with same video, but it might affect voting result.

  • If you are selected for the preliminary round, you need to be able to communicate in Japanese or English because online interview will be filmed by using Zoom (video conference service).

  • It's expected that majority of viewers will be Japanese.   Language-driven performance  may be affected in voting.

* You can apply as many times as you like during the preliminary rounds.

* Please contact us if you have any other questions.

* If we find any problems with your video,  we might contact you individually and discuss if it can be fixed or adapted.

Submitting video

  • Please submit video files such as mp4, mov, wmv by file sharing service such as Google Drive or Giga file service, or send URL such as YouTube.

  • If you send us the URL of an online video distribution service such as YouTube, we will download the video

  • ​In case there is a problem of receiving video, I will contact you and ask you to re-send.

Terms and Conditions

  • Applicant must retains all rights, including copyright, and does not infringe on the copyright, portrait rights, privacy, or other rights of third parties.

  • Submitted video which is offensive to public order and morals are not allowed.

  • You can apply as many times as you like.   The producer will watch all of your works and whether or not to select you to participate in the preliminary round.

  • There is no restriction of age, gender, and nationality of the applicant, but if a minor is applying, please apply with the consent of the parent or guardian.

  • Applicant belonging to an anti-social organization (mafia, gang, terrorist group) or an equivalent organization are not allowed to apply.

  • If the number of submission exceeds original number of slots, the producer will select acts for the preliminary rounds by considering skills, idea, production, the balance of the overall genre, etc.

  • Applicants reserve the right, such as copyright, regarding the submitted video work.However, the organizer may use the submitted work free of charge on YouTube, website, SNSs related to "Like the BEST!".

  • After the qualification, the video of the selected applicant will be edited for this competition and distributed on YouTube, website and SNSs.

  • The selected applicants will be contacted by the producer.Please note that the producer will not notify unqualified applicants unless there is a special reason.

  • Qualified applicant may be interviewed by the producer on the video call service (zoom or skype) and applicant need to be available.

  • Personal information such as the applicant's comments, career, nickname, occupation, age and gender may be introduced on the website, SNS and YouTube in this contest.

  • If there is a claim of compensation for damages from a third party with respect to the submitted video, the applicant shall resolve it at his / her own responsibility and expense, and if the producer receives any damage, applicant shall compensate for this.

  • The producer shall not be liable for any damages related to the entry of the contestant, except for the organizer's failure.

  • the number of qualifying rounds and schedule may change slightly depending on the number of submission.

  • Participation conditions are subject to change due to future circumstances or issues that are not recognized by the organizer at this time.

  • Winner will be paid by the end of the following month through PayPal, money order or bank transfer after the winner is determined.

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